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Yesterday at 5:58 pm
So fucking cool
Sep 18th, 2014
this is from Cardcaptor Sakura

I vaguely remember the show, I remember really liking it but being a child felt embarrassed since the main protagonist was a female, since you know, it's a girls show and if I watched it my penis would fall off.

watch it in japanese where they didnt take out 8 minutes of every episode. its fucked up. her cousing (they dotn know theyre cousins because her mother is dead and its tomoyo is her mother's sister's daughter) wants to rape her and video tapes her putting on and taking off costumes. Also, everyone wanted the chinese kid's D.

oh and in the original, the highschool girl who worked for the reincarnation of Clow was actually a male demon that enjoyed dressing as a trap to help it have fun with young boys.

like seriously, the anime was screwed up.
Sep 17th, 2014
Sep 17th, 2014
I still have the big cover sticker on mine from PSM magazine (The gold smiley with the eyepatch) Everything works, played it more than my PS3 and my PS3 is dead lol.

A reboot of Jetmoto would be fun me thinks. Or just update it with new graphics and bigger races.
Sep 17th, 2014
I remember killing lots and lots of playdough monsters with that.
Sep 16th, 2014
I didn't realize how games have always been that expensive.

It's interesting how games were priced back then. There wasn't a gold standard of "AAA=$60, AA=$40, indies=$15"--it was quite varied.

What's that in £?
Sep 16th, 2014
Mine still works to this very day and so does my PS2.
Sep 16th, 2014
That's...that's ~40 lightyears.
Sep 11th, 2014
They used to be that expensive? x.x glad my parents bought them for me
Sep 8th, 2014
Did MacGuyver make this out of paperclips and rubber bands?
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